Having completed my final class in pursuit of my Associates Degree yesterday, I have decided to increase my Spanish study times for the next 6 weeks until my Bachelor’s program begins.

I’m going to do 1.5 hours of audiotapes on my commute to and from work — that’s about 45 hours of tapes altogether, which should bring me through the Michel Thomas tapes, and about 1/3 through the Pimsleur tapes — in addition to the Coffee Break Español podcast (or as much as I can in that time) and further my progress in DuoLingo and Memrise.

I’m going to increase my DuoLingo goal to 50xp per day, and my Memrise goal to 20,000xp per day.  The one seems too low and the other seems too high, but I’m going to give it a solid shot.

Today, I completed the first level on the Memrise Spanish courses, which means I officially know 225 words on their syllabus.  On my DuoLingo tree, I have completed 13 lessons out of 61– it states I’m 20% fluent in Spanish, but I really don’t think that’s accurate.

I’ve been working on programming an ANKI flashcard deck so I can keep up with my studies while I’m unable to commit real time to it.

I’m still struggling with some words — I can’t keep poder and pensar straight to save my life, and conjugation is still a mess — but I’m actually really impressed with myself.  On August 30th, I’m beginning a Spanish course at my local community college, and I truly feel that by the time 2018 comes around, I’ll be very proficient.

However, at this point — despite all the progress I’ve made — I still struggle to put together my own original thoughts and phrases.  I can read, write, say, translate, etc., whatever DuoLingo or Memrise or Michel Thomas throw at me, but I can’t come up with on it on my own.  I hope that comes with time and practice.


I’m also considering starting Dr. Bill Vicar’s Lifeprint lessons in American Sign Language.  Though I’m not sure, I may be putting too much on my plate at this point.


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