Speaking in Tongues is a website and blog written by father, husband, student, author, Buddhist, nerd, and aspiring polyglot Daniel Weaver.

Between a full-time job in government, a full-time college education, kids and a wife, and creative writing feeling more like a job than a hobby, I recently found myself looking for a something that was just for me.  After kicking a few ideas around, I finally decided to focus on language and the pursuit of knowledge.  Now, I’m working to attain professional proficiency in as many languages as I can, and with that, Speaking in Tongues was born.

Speaking in Tongues serves as part-journal, part-data-dump, part-scratchpad, and part-soapbox as I pursue polyglottism for personal enrichment, and maybe to help some others along the way.

With an existing elementary knowledge of Spanish and German, and an interest in French, Japanese, American Sign Language, and so many others — both usual and unusual — there’s no telling where this pursuit will lead.