Speaking in Tongues — a Reboot

Hey, folks.  Welcome to my little corner of the world-wide-web.

About a half year ago, I decided I’d devote some time and energy to the pursuit of language learning.  Coming from years of government work, and having recently finished an associates degree, I was feeling overwhelmed by the robotic monotony of both.  There are any so many compliance reports you can

There are any so many compliance reports you can process, before they all look the same; there were only so many tests you could take, before the answers start to all overlap.

I was looking for something that was alive; something that was constantly adapting and changing… growing.

I registered for various language apps — DuoLingo and Memrise — and picked up various self-study tapes — Pimsleur, Michel Thomas, and some Foreign Service Institute tapes I found online — and decided I’d commit myself to learning Spanish, to learning French, German, Japanese, hell, whatever I could learn!

I’m the kind of person who views success as the pursuit of helping others;  I am satisfied only when I know my actions are directly benefiting someone else.  I thought that — and still think that — by acquiring these skills, I can one day help someone else.  Whether that means volunteering my time in third world countries like an old friend of mine has, or simply taking a job in human services remains to be seen; I just am confident that by learning languages, I can both help myself and others.

Unfortunately, when I registered this blog six months ago, I didn’t realize how out of control my own life would become.  My wife had recently been diagnosed with Stage III cancer, and her treatment schedule was far more intense than I had ever anticipated.  I made the decision to continue my education, enrolling in University for a further degree.  And all the way, this site sat dormant.

While talking with a friend today about a totally unrelated topic, I realized that, unless I make an effort to change things, things will never change at all.  I can let myself become overwhelmed by my schedule, my wife’s illness, my work, my education; or I can take charge of it, find and make the time for this hobby, and make an effort to learn languages, like I want to.

This is the first day of my reboot;  my goal?  To learn as much as I can, to help as much as I can, to do what I can to benefit both myself and others.